There are a number of ways your business or organization can support our club's activities and promote your institution while receiving acknowledgement. Here are a few.

Thank you for your interest in supporting us!

Web Sponsorship

This website can display banner ads across all pages.

To place an ad, please contact the webmaster of the site. Rates are varied based on size and duration. The distribution is even across all pages, including the homepage and e-bulletin.

Since ads are displayed on the side columns, there are size limitations, which are as follows:
Width: 195 pixels
Height: 97 to 350 pixels
Format of ads can either be graphic images (PNG, GIF, JPG) or text. You can provide a URL which your ad will hyperlink to. This can be your website, Facebook page, blog, or any existing Web page. You can also choose to provide your e-mail address, instead.
To inquire further submitting an ad and for pricing information, please contact our webmaster or current president. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Kiosk Sponsorship

We can display sponsor acknowledgements our Shippensburg Station video screens at milepost 0 of the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.

Our displays are 42-inch 4K HDTV screens mounted in portrait orientation (taller than wide), and display slides in 30-second increments. These displays and their content are intended as a public service, and therefore "ads" are limited in scope to informational purposes and similar to public radio and television underwriting spots, should not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of products, services, or businesses. (For example, "we're the best," or "tastiest in town.")  Graphics for these slides should primarily serve to acknowledge the sponsor and to provide useful information specifically to trailgoers or visitors. Examples include promotion of events, menu offerings, services provided, locations, hours, contact information, etc. Use of QR codes is permissible to provide additional promotion outside these guidelines. Be sure to include location, contact information, and hours in the design.

Design specifications: "Ads" should be output as 2160px wide by 3840px high (in pixels) in JPEG format. Design for at least a 200px margin (140px border mask plus 60px text margin), in JPEG format. Full bleed of images beyond margins is allowable.

Event Sponsorship

Our club organizes and hosts several events throughout the year that can promote contributors through ads or signage.

Visit their individual pages for contact information on how you can support them: